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Alan Ng Educator;  Visionary Yijing and Geomantic Astrologer.

The source for higher wisdom is intriguing.  My yearning for its sixth sense carries me on many a vision quest to India, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia for the past 30 years.  Yoga, kriyas, meditation, qigong, subtle energies, traditional healing, fengshui, astrology are my passions… and favourite indulgence.

Fengshui Curiosity

During the 1970s a local newspaper reported that Hyatt Singapore’s business was so bad that they decided to engage the fengshui advisory from a Reverend Hong Chuan.  In 1973, Reverend Hong Chuan tilted Hyatt’s main entrance door to a weird looking 45 degree angle.  He selected an auspicious hour to activate the water feature in the morning…and in the afternoon on that same day, a 747 plane got delayed and suddenly some 300 over stranded passengers needed room to stay.  The Hyatt’s room occupancy rate improved significantly, eventually hitting 100% since that day

Reverend Hong Chuan’s fengshui magic captivated my interest to learn fengshui. In 2008, I was fortunate to meet a fellow fengshui enthusiast who kindly open up 3 of his Hong Chuan fengshuied houses for our private research.  I am grateful for the opportunity to study Chinese metaphysic and the 5 arts with the many teachers in China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore….not forgeting India and Thailand.

Visionary Yijing 

Its my aspiration to see a new breed of fengshui practitioners emerging in the near future.  Fengshui advisory or education should be for helping people to take ownership experience of their fengshui and direction in life rather than commercial exploitation. Ideally a fengshuied house should leave no traces of so called fengshui remedies.

To date, I have given consultancy work to hundreds of project ranging from 100 square feet to 50 hectares; from virgin land to built up area in India, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Singapore.


Alan Ng – Baguaeyes

email:  baguaeyesfengshui@gmail.com



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