Bazi of an elusive billionaire?

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Is this a billionaire’s bazi chart?

billionarie's bazi?

billionare’s bazi?

My client handed me this chart of their new CEO after a successful merger.  He wanted to know if they will get along well from the bazi or astrological point of view.  This is no surprise as there is a saying that millionaires seek advice from consultants whereas billionaires, royalty and celebrity seek an astrologer. Ancient seers can foretell the coming of king or awaited sage just by studying the position of stars and planets in the sky.

While I cannot say if the owner of this bazi makes a million or a billion as the concept of wealth abundance is subjective to each individual’s belief system and other factors. We often see bazi teachers and authors very fond of reverse engineering a well known tycoon’s or celebrity’s bazi chart to fit their school of theory.  Using this approach is one thing for a classroom learning but in the real world is another.  Most of the time we will not know the identity or story behind the bazi’s owner, a clever corporate client will often test our substance based on this.

In this consultation session, my client insists that the said CEO is the owner of this billion dollar corporation with 5,000 workers under his pay roll while I am adamant that this is not a billionaire’s bazi chart although he may be the CEO.  Based on the conviction on the reliability of my astrology insight, this CEO is only managing this billion dollar set up for another anonymous owner.

Analyzing both their bazi, I told my client that they are most compatible and  their mutual co-operation will bring the business even greater height.

Hearing my analysis, my client reveal that this CEO was struggling with only hundred thousand dollars annual turnover in early 2000. Hit the million dollar bracket in 2007.  I will leave it to you readers who are bazi enthusiasts to figure out when and how he strike the billion dollars bracket.

The moral of the story is one cannot make his billion living in his own ivory tower.  The trinity concept of heaven, earth and human factors will infallibly come into endless play.  Destiny, luck, fengshui, talent and acquired knowledge are inter-weaved into one fabric of existence.  If one is not destined to shine as an individual, one can still work with a partner or a collective group.

Business fengshui vs residential fengshui

Beyond all the fundamental fengshui imperatives and depending on the nature of business, a business person only need one good deal, one good hour, and the good human factor to give him or her that big break.


Alan Ng – baguaeyes


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