Feng Shui method of Hyatt Hotel Singapore

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Hyatt fengshui door tilted 45 degrees


Hyatt fengshui story

Hyatt fengshui story

Flying stars?  Xuan kong Da Gua?  San he fengshui method?

I was meeting up with an oversea client at the Hyatt Singapore Scotts Road.  He seems to have read the famous feng shui story of how the Rev. Hong Chuan tilted the main entrance by about 45 degrees and then re-activated the water  feature at 10am and then at 2pm a 747 plane got stucked and suddently 300 over stranded passengers needed rooms to stay.  That happened in 1973…but this story seems to live on till this day 31st december 2012.  I have also read many interesting commentaries from the various feng shui forums and chat rooms, blogs, websites and even feng shui books.  Frankly speaking I was also inspired by this story and Rev. Hong Chuan..I went in search of teachers and hopefully able to find one who can at least understand what the Reverend was doing then.


Hyatt fengshui door tilted 45 degrees

The famous Hyatt fengshui door tilted 45 degrees

My client was expecting me to explain this Hyatt feng shui phenomena since I am a professional feng shui advisor and therefore must know.  I explained to him that Rev. Hong Chuan has already left this material world and do not have any direct feng shui disciple..so take what I said with a pinch of salt apart from the undeniable fact that the reverend monk was an obvious master of tilting doors with the Sanyuan Xuan Kong Da Gua method.

In the midst of this familiar conversation, I find myself regressing in time to 2007.  In a fengshui class in KL Malaysia, I was deeply engrossed in the same topic with a fellow classmate.  He is from Singapore too..so I asked him why he is so interested in Rev. Hong Chuan?  His answer is ..wow!!!  I am living in a house fengshuied by Rev. Hong Chuan in the 1960s….and till now I still cannot figure out what method the reverend was applying despite all these courses we were attending here.  He came from a successful family background. yet a very humble and low profile person.  We became very good friend and feng shui buddy since.

A lucky Star… started a most important case study


XKDG water feature to match yinyang

XKDG water feature to match yinyang

A lucky breeze blew my way in mid 2008, my fengshui buddy Mr. Loh and his gracious family very generously arranged 3 houses (all fengshuied by Rev. Hong Chuan) for our private feng shui case study and research. This is a rare gem of an opportunity for Rev. Hong Chuan already stopped doing residential fengshui since early 1970s.  All the house owners were already in their mid 80s to 90 years of age.  So these 3 houses are considered very limited edition if not extinct.

We also have one Japanese fengshui researcher with us..together four of us.  The research was very astonishing and fruitful…its the most important first hand access to the masterpiece free from hearsays.   It also ended all speculation about what feng shui method Rev. Hong Chuan uses.  Rev. Hong Chuan purely uses a rare style of Xuan Kong Da Gua known as The Energy Gateway different from the commonly known method of castle gate or Gua qi or Gua period method taught in the books and fengshui academies. In fact this XKDG application has never been taught in any modern fengshui school so far.  Each and every doors and pathway in the house are setted up in a unique manner of energy resonance (nothing to do with timely period). One can imagine the amount of work and efforts involved if a house has 20 doors which is common in a landed property. The owners demonstrated to us a special phenomena happen the instant any door in the house was opened.  This is an exclusive feng shui signature of Rev. Hong Chuan’s fengshui doorway…known only to the house owners. It also serves to distinguish that not all tilted doors are done by the reverend and not all XKDG practice are the same even though they are derived from the same basic theory and the same 64 hexagrams.

Did Reverend Hong Chuan apply flying star fengshui?

In respond to the many readers that emailed me, my sincere answer…. No, Rev Hong Chuan did not apply any flying star fengshui method …at least not in the above 3 landed properties we documented.  How do we know?  We are all trained in the different school of flying stars back then, inclusive of the Wu Chang lineage and have also studied in detail on Yen Pen’s (one of Hong Chuan’s teacher in fengshui) personal journal documenting hundreds of his flying stars fengshui audits done during the upper xuan kong era of 1920s to 1930s.   These precious journals provide the insight into the fengshui mindset of  Master Yen Pen.

Reverend Hong Chuan may have studied with other fengshui masters before and after meeting Yen Pen…this is not uncommon in the pursuit of metaphysics.  The 3 fengshui audits done by him are obviously not congruent with the teaching of Yen Pen.  Why Rev. Hong Chuan need to tilt all the doors in the house?   This is definately not flying stars method right?


Coming back to The Hyatt

There are 2 ways to orientate the direction or bearing of Hyatt.  The google map or true north which most commentaries are relying upon indicates The Hyatt to be sitting Chen (South east) and facing Xu (North west).

Rev. Hong Chuan chooses to use the magnetic bearing which takes magnetic and other forces into consideration.  Magnetic compass reading outside the main entrance shows a Mao sitting (East) and You facing (West).  That is why he was able to tilt the entrance almost to a 45 degrees angle at 313 degrees of Northwest at the Qian hexagram of 1/6 to match the Xuan Kong yingyang connection with the water feature at the front of the hotel. However besides manipulating the qi to an incoming flow, there is another bigger role for the opening of the Qian gateway not obvious to many… for the way of heaven is an elusive obvious.


Hidden water fall

The hidden water fall to generates the qi of the mountain

Opening the Heaven gate to produce water

This is not the 5 ghost theory..  sages of old observed and studied the sequence of Nature’s  phenomena realized the Heaven transporting water up the mountain handed down the ancient wisdom as Yi Jing or I-Ching bagua.  The Northwest and Southwest sector of the Hyatt is prosperous but the Northeast to East sector essential for the growth factor were buried and trapped by unuseable mountainous factor.  So a major programme to open the mountain was scheduled before arrival of 1984 to take deliberate advantage of the period 7 to open up the mountain to generate water for Hyatt’s next phase of growth. Hence the mountain and marsh formation were neatly executed and established with a spectacular 5 storey high water fall and pools to liberate the circulation of qi to expand out another 300 new rooms at the newly acquired terrace wing of  Hyatt.  This is only just a portion of the whole integrated feng shui work simplified theme for layperson’s reading.  The whole is beyond the scope of this limited article. Holographic principle state that a fragment reflects the whole..for those who understand a little of the Yi will see the bigger picture of the flow of living nature in this piece of feng shui no matter how subtle it may be.

Heaven and Earth set their position

Mountain and Marsh mutually circulates the qi.


Master Victor Li a Sanyuan Wu Chang fengshui master did a period 8 fengshui upgrade between 2005 to 2007 to the Hyatt Hotel.  The author of Baguaeyes fengshui has no affiliation nor connection with Master Victor Li.





Alan Ng

author of baguaeyes fengshui

Email:   baguaeyesfengshui@gmail.com




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  1. Andrew Lau | June 30, 2015

    Hi Alan, greetings

    I am planning to take a metaphysical course but I am torn between QMDJ and Yi Jing. In terms of external signs or phenomenon, which is easier to depict and the differences? Thanks.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Most people that I know will usually ended taking both. You have to personally experience both in order to answer your own question. Reading signs or phenomena is not easy…one has to be totally presence in any given moment…nothing to do with QMDJ or Yijing. This is also the reason many people when they cannot see clear signs from Yijing perspective will turn to QMDJ chart.

      Last working trip to Japan, We were in a tiny empty cubicle inside a restaurant…four empty walls. Suddenly my client’s phone rang…its an ambassador from an Asian country on the other side of the line. My client asked “Will his excellency be leaving Japan for good this time?” Despite no physical signs in an empty cubicle, I told them…he will be leaving for good. Awareness is the key for me. Some readers may cast a Yijing gua to determine or open up a QMDJ chart to decipher. There is no right or wrong method…depend on the individual.

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