Lost soul and the signs of the Yi

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Visionary yijing of a children playground

Astrology or Fengshui?

Mr. D was an active and health conscious person who love walking and exercises regularly.  All of a sudden he went for 2 surgery on the chest and heart last year 2016.  He was unable to work since then.  Due to the complication of the previous surgeries, he has to go for a third surgery.  He seek my opinion whether to go for this pending operation as the previous 2 surgery was a mistake as a result of a wrong diagnosis and bad decision on his part.  I told him that I am not a doctor, as such cannot give him any medical advice.  However I can take a look at his astrology and fengshui to see if it reflects his present life situation.

The astrology chart reflects a good natal chart, but was obscured with obstacles and delusion by the transiting planets and stars which had a negative influence on his health and judgement for the past 4 years.  He is on the verge of being release from the clutches of these negative and illusory planetary influence over the next few month.

The first visit

The first sign of the Yi

The first sign of the Yi

A Chinese mother attending to her baby on a stationary pram at the pathway leading to Mr. D’s apartment was in front of my approaching view.  As I pass by her, I noticed  a red color netted purse on the ground behind her.  Brought this to her attention and went my way.

The fengshui of Mr. D’s apartment shows very negative fengshui influence from 2014 till 2020. Mr. D and wife validated that the few years prior to 2014 was good.  I advise Mr. D to move out of this apartment as soon as possible.  The good news is they have bought a new house which will be ready by end of 2017.  Interesting to note that his astrology time line synchronize with his imminent state of the fengshui.  Hence Baguaeyes reckon that the Chinese concepts of destiny, luck and fengshui is a holistic synchronization and not as most folks believe it to be destiny come first, luck comes second and fengshui come third placing.

Since they have another more than 6 months to stay in this negative fengshui apartment, we decided to minimize its negative effect with some simple remedy and rearranging the furnitures and its micro fengshui relativity.

The second visit

Mr. D has a fever and feeling breathless immediately after rearranging the furniture.  The following day his wife also fall sick while their maid and children were fine.  Noticing that they rearrange their furniture wrongly, I decided to pay them a second visit to gather more insights should there be any.

Visionary yijing of a children playground

Visionary yijing of a children playground

On my way to their home, the Yi in my visionary quest has shown me obvious signs of children interference of a spiritual nature.  Recollecting the vision of the mother dropping her red purse on my first visit reinforce my insight into an issue of lost souls from miscarriage or abortion.  I decided to take a photograph of the children’s playground as I saw some children were playing there…but strangely the photo of the children did not appear on the playground.  From the visionary yijing perspective of the playground captured at that moment, the notion of lost souls through miscarriage is ascertained. Mr. D and his wife affirm she had a miscarriage during her first pregnancy.

A date and time was selected for Mr. D to do a ritual of the Yi for the liberation of the lost child and soul. 


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