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Xuan Ji Gong 

A qi gong exercise confidentially instructed by the Xuan Zhen School 

Edited by Ma Chang Lun

Instructed by Ma Chang Lun and Wang Qiu Xiang


A brief introduction to Xuan Ji Gong 

xuan ji gong

Xuan Ji Gong in Chinese character

Xuan Ji Gong is a Chinses traditional qigong exercise.  It is one of many forms of qigong exercise instructed by Xuan Zhen School, one of the five secret schools of Taoism.  (Xuan Zhen means the true secret of the School of Xuan).  It was said to have been taught by Zhong Yinfu Yu Zhen Jun, alias He Sian Own Hezuan, and has a history of more than 1,700 years.

This form of qigong exercise emphasizes on the unity of heaven and man, exercise of internal and external qi, equal emphasis on dharma and technique, union of action and inaction, and the amalgamation of martial art, cultivation of qi and healing.

It is a technique taught by the schools of Taoism.  A traditional Chinese states that “a graduate of the Xuan Zhen School is a person of true tao (way)”.   Few are skilled in Xuan Ji Gong because the Xuan Zhen School selected its disciples according to rigorous criteria, and the exercise was personally instructed in secret.  There are even fewer persons who have a complete understanding and appreciation of the exercise, its philosophy, technique, cultivation of qi and healing functions.

In recent years, a Chinese scientific research department discovered at Wugang Mountain the Exercise Chart for the Xuan Ji Xin Technique.  This laid a solid foundation for the information collection, research and popularisation of the qi gong exercise taught by the Xuan Zhen School.

It was said in the Taoist scripture of Huan Teng Ne Jin that “A person who is able to grasp the truth of Xuan will be able to complete satisfactorily all his undertakings,”  This is evidenced by many years of our experience that regular exercise of Xuan Ji Gong has the effect of maintaining health and achieving longevity….(missing pages)

There has been many experiments on the physics and chemistry of qigong carried out by various scientific research establishments in China.  Through rigorous scientific research, the existence of external qi and its properties have been proven.

For instance, it was discovered that external qi contains infra red, magnetic waves, sound waves, and high energy particles.  External qi has a regulating effect on human bodies.

It was found in one chemical experiment that the extenal qi of two gi gong masters altered the molecular structure of alcohol, iodine and other substance.  Evidence were found in medical experiments that external qi eliminates or reduces cancer cells, germs and toxin,  Qi gong has also been used to treat pain and swelling, deaf-mute, partial paralysis, gall and liver stones, back ache, skeletal disorders, problems of the stomach, gynaecological illnesses etc.  It is especially effective for illness of unknown cause and long term illness.  These have been reported in the media within and without China.

Since Ma Chang Lun and Wang Qui Xiang started to teach publicly the Xuan Ji Gong, many have come from all over China and the world to learn and to be healed.  These places include USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Russia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


5 principal schools of Taoism 

School of Tai Ji

School of Xuan Zhen

School of Jian Sian

School of Tan Ding

School of Fu Lu


The chants of Xuan Ji Gong 

Shake and shiver to achieve relaxation and emptiness;

amorphous heaven and earth producing the ying and the yang;

thunder and lightning vibrating the 5 organs;

7 circulation of jade fluid to exercise the body;

mystery in inverting the body temperature;

bending the elbows to return the essential energy to 3 dantian;

opening and closing 3 meridians to await rising of qi;

holding tightly and successively circulating the qi to cultivate and preserve the energy;

vertical circulation of the energy to merge with the universe;

bringing back the 5 gods to the dantian;

I sincerely advise your honourable self to diligently cultivate and practice qi  gong;

so that you may clamber to heaven to receive the saints and masters.







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