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Yijing fenshui audit

The signs of Yijing fengshui

Yijing fengshui audit

Yijing fengshui audit

My client is expanding their restaurant business into the heartland. They are looking at the possibility of setting up another new branch. They have shortlisted two premises with good human traffic potential.  Hence they want me to take a look at this particular shop unit before signing the lease.

Yijing fengshui audit

Yijing fengshui audit

On the right hand side of this shop unit is a very busy coffee shop with many eating stalls. The state of business looks healthy and good.  On the left hand side is a row of shops including two restaurants that are doing well.  There is a car park behind with ample parking spaces. The shop has two fronts. One faces South direction and the other faces Southwest direction. The fengshui sits on North mountain.

Yijing Baguaeyes perspective

Baguaeyes immediately disqualify the fengshui based on at its urban form. However my clients see the potential in this location because of the good human traffic and the surrounding eateries are enjoy good business here. As their fengshui adviser, I have to convince them with verifiable facts why this fengshui is negative in laymen term…not by evading their question with non sequitur quotes of fengshui formula or incomprehensible classics and proverbs.

For a start, I told them that the fengshui of this particular unit will not be able to retain any loyal customers. Customers will also suddenly turn against the business due to unforseen circumstances.

Employees will have attitude problems, quarrelsome or foul mouth.

The boss will not be able to handle the sudden change of tide in this set up.

The clients ask if these fengshui defects can be remedied…like creating a good entrance door or compartmentalizing  the good flow of fengshui in the set up?  I told them its not worth the investment to remedy as the negative effect already started since 2015 and getting worse over the next few years. Moreover, creating a timely entrance door in this case will accelerate the inauspicious incoming fengshui quicker. 

After analyzing my clients’ bazi  (Chinese astrology of year, month, day and hour) with the fengshui of this set up, this further affirm that this unit will pose serious heath issue of the head or mouth for one of the working partners. At this point, my clients call up one of their associates to run a check on the condition of the previous tenant of this said unit.


The previous tenant was a successful restaurant owner and chef enjoying very good business with large customer base. However after moving into this unit in early 2015, he suffered a sudden stroke and lost his taste buds resulting in cooking tasteless food and lost all his loyal customers subsequently.  There were many complaints that the cashier was rude and unfriendly to the customers.


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