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The 64 Hexagrams of the Yijing encapsulate all the phenomenas happening in the entire world


The Hidden Tell Tale Signs in your fengshui…. Home owners and even most of the fengshui masters out there do not know about this.

Miss Yang asked about her career…just as she was about to unlock and open the door into her new empty apartment.  I gave a quick scan around the horizon facing her corridor…she was still holding the key.

Responding to her anticipation I said, “You will be travelling a lot over the next 2 years…you will be make in charge of customers and sales in 5 different countries”.  

A month later this came true.  This is our typical style of feng shui audit just by looking at the immediate surrounding. ..before I even have the time to open the feng shui compass (loupan).

Beware the everyday innocent looking signs and phenomena in your surrounding space can reveal many things about you … your state of luck,career, romance, feng shui, etc… your hidden personal secret too.  In fact there is no need to calculate your date and time of birth even though such astrological input is important for a certain precision feng shui work situation. Interestingly… Do you know that all the happenings in our past, present and future were encoded into every signs or phenomena that encounter us in this moment called Now?

How will this affect you?

It means that the past, present and future of any negative or positive events in your life or your feng shui situation can be established and validated by facts…not guessing work or unpleasant heresays coming from some fengshui master quoting from books.

Understanding these informations,  can help you to re-position yourself in an empowering mode for better advantage.  Fengshui is all about yinyang…just like the positive and negative polarity in electricity…only in its rightful place will an electrical appliance be able to works its magic.

A Silent Revolution …

The principle of the Yi is about Change … constant change.  The days are numbered for those feng shui practitioners who are relying on the myths, classic or otherwise to dictate their clients, things like setting up a wealth corner can only be positioned here or there according to a certain fengshui template.  Not anymore because the dynamics of the Yi Jing can liberates and create wealth anywhere (without any corner) if its laws are known.

In the old days, a telephone and TV can only be connected through linear wiring…today you can chit chat while watching a video show anywhere over a personal wireless smart phone.


The fear of untimely mountain/water stars or hexagrams are only for the ignorant.  Fengshui is an intangible force of nature just like the wireless technology, cannot be copyrighted into a template or classics by anyone.  The effect of its forces can be felt, tapped and manage to good use.  Right now, a silent revolution is going on in the feng shui industry, the insiders will quietly understand … the signs have already appeared…  



Alan Ng

Author of Bagua Eyes feng shui


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