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Singapore flyer fengshui

Power of Fengshui Date Selection

Map of Singapore flyer

Map and location of Singapore flyer

A casual conversation over dinner got side tracked into the Singapore Flyer saga. Despite heeding the fengshui advice to relocate the main entrance and reversing the wheel’s orientation to synchronize with the rotation of the Sun so that wealth factor does not spin out of Singapore, there were a series of unfortunate events that follows.  Ever since Singapore flyer declared bankrupt in May 2013, the fengshui community was silenced. 

Sg flyer went bankrupt in 2013

Sg flyer went bankrupt in 2013

My client said that Straco bought over Singapore flyer in 28th Aug 2014, the new owner of Singapore Flyer has almost immediately turn the operation around since december 2014 with a pre tax profit of S$12.3 million in 2015.  In 2016, after accounting for taxes S$8.2 million profit. 

Even though Singapore flyer’s turning around is clearly due to Straco’s sharp business acumen and experience in managing tourism assets in China, I am still interested in looking at its underlying fengshui date selection process and some tell tale signs in its surrounding landform.  This is a piece of interesting fengshui for enthusiasts to do comparative study with the different fengshui approach or date selection process to enrich our learning.

In the Beginning

Sg flyer MOU signing

Sg flyer MOU signing

27 Jun 2003, The memorandum of understanding was signed between the developer Melchers Project Management (a German subsidiary) 75% stake, Orient & Pacific Management 25% with the Singapore Tourism Board.  From an astrological point of view, this is a very inauspicious date to sign any legal documents although XKDG date selection does not clearly reflect this. The project had difficulty taking off from the design table and almost come to a grinding halt because the developer faced difficulties in sourcing funds to build the wheel. Original plans to complete the wheel by end of 2005 were postponed indefinately.  The funds finally came from 2 German banks in September 2005.

Construction started on 25th September 2005.  The ground breaking ceremony was held o 27th september 2005 with Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development as guest of honor.  Both these dates were inauspicious from an astrological perspective.

The Opening

11th february 2008  –   Special Chinese New Year corporate inaugural flights were held.

1st march 2008   –   soft launch

15th April 2008   –  Official opening with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as guest of honor

July 2008, the flyer was stopped because of a minor fault in the braking system.  Hence many fengshui masters and members of the public commented on the inauspicious outflowing rotation of the wheel.  On the advice of fengshui consultant, Singapore flyer reverse the direction of the wheel to rotate inward to the Marina financial district.

4th Aug 2008   –   Singapore flyer reverse its wheel to rotate inward toward the Singapore financial district. Prosperity to flow back to the nation.

1st nov 2008   –   Official opening of Marina barrage. The water mouth become a dam at the Southeast sector of Singapore Flyer.

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage

4th december 2008,  the wheel was stuck for nearly five hours due to bad weather and some 70 people were stranded.

23rd december 2008,   the wheel stopped and trapped 173 passengers for about six hours.  The breakdown was caused by a short circuit and fire in the flyer’s wheel control room.  The flyers was closed for further investigation.

Fire element waiting for the right time to activate

Fire element 

26th Jan 2009  –  Flyer reopen

23rd june 2010  –   Marina Bay sand official opening

Marina Bay Sand opening

Marina Bay Sand opening

18th Jul 2010   –   Lightning strike

20th Jul 2010   –   Singapore flyer reopen

May 2013   –   Singapore flyer declare bankrupt put into receivership while retaining its operatoin.  Seeking buyer.

Straco bought over Sg flyer

Straco bought over Sg flyer

Straco good timing

Straco good timing

28th Aug 2014   –   Straco bought over Singapore flyer for S$140 million that cost Melchers S$240 million to built


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