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Posts (43)  
   1.  Lost soul and the signs of the Yi
   2.  Solar eclipse 1st Sep 2016
   3.  Bazi of an elusive billionaire?
   4.  Phenomena after fengshui deactivation
   5.  Restaurant fengshui auditing
   6.  Fengshui remedy and date selection
   7.  Yin Fengshui and Yijing
   8.  Yijing divination for career prospect
   9.  Yijing Divinatiion of police cases
   10.  Incoming road for Good fengshui
   11.  Negotiation with Yijing fengshui
   12.  The Tilted fengshui doors of rural Japan
   13.  Yijing Messenger is here
   14.  A Fengshui Activation or Meditation?
   15.  Reviving a 5-2 room with Yijing
   16.  Angelic presence and Qimendunjia date selection
   17.  Baguaeyes decipher Lily’s wealth status
   18.  Environmental Landform vs Bad flying stars
   19.  Landforms and its fengshui effect on highrise building
   20.  Dead fishes … omen or clues?
   21.  2014 is here … What the I-Ching says?
   22.  Traditional Method of Fengshui Date Selection is still alive…
   23.  Erawan Shrine and its Feng shui
   24.  Yijing divination and Investment in Gold
   25.  JEM Shopping Mall…Fengshui or Date selection?
   26.  Two women and a Black cat … Story on Synchro-Destiny
   27.  The Tombstone of Lee Hoon Leong (1879 – 1942)
   28.  Feng shui of Melaka’s famous Chung Wah Chicken Rice
   29.  Gratitude is the feeling of a miracle
   30.  Revisiting the Yin Feng Shui of Ong Sam Leong at the Bukit Brown … a Yi Jing perspective.
   31.  Yin Feng Shui Observation … Ong Sam Leong’s tomb at the Bukit Brown.
   32.  There is a hidden secret … enclosed within this crystal of love
   33.  Marina Bay Sands Feng Shui … from the Yi Jing Perspective.
   34.  Will the bad Feng Shui of an unoccupied house affect its owners?
   35.  The Phenomena of The Monkey Appearance…What is the Omen?
   36.  Feng Shui method of Hyatt Hotel Singapore
   37.  What do you think about this water feature?
   38.  When the Gods of Wealth visited Richard’s office
   39.  Fengshui transformed within One Chinese hour…its an amazing grace! (3)
   40.  Fengshui activation is waiting for its chosen phenomena to appear (2)
   41.  Should we renew the lease?…please give us a sign (1)
   42.  The sign carries a right message at the right time
   43.  Beware the surrounding Signs & Phenomena can reveal your hidden secret

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