Yijing divination for career prospect

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Yijing and dinosaur

Divination within a divination

In my previous blog of  26th January of 2014, entitled  “2014 is here…What the I-Ching says?”  The sign of the Yi showed that Mark will get That Job by 2016 in Singapore. The same sign told that he will be back Singapore end of 2014 but without much clarity as to his career prospect.  Mark did came back end of 2014, found an alternative appointment which suits his qualification and liking since there was still no concrete news about his coveted 2016 job opening.

In June of 2015, Mark contacted me urgently.  He was unfairly terminated and worried that this might taint his job resume subsequently. He spend a few sleepless nights over this before asking to meet me.

Yijing divination and dinosaur relics

Yijing divination and dinosaur relics

Looking at these dinosaur relics in front of us, I ask Mark if his boss and that superior who terminated him were suffering from severe illnesses.  Mark said yes,  by now he was amazed but not surprise with the accurate tale telling signs of the Yi.  I assured him that his superior will also not last long in the company either.

Yijing divination and window display

Yijing divination and window display

Noticing the interesting window display at the shop on our right,  I gave Mark the assurance that he is not being terminated but will be experiencing a Breakthrough and relief very soon…by 2016. He will also be much supported and get his coveted appointment.

After a detailed verification of the display signs with the going on that happened in his existing company, Mark felt much more confident after he realized the uncanny metaphorical resemblance. There is a specific clarity in the message of the Yi for Mark.

Mark’s good news in December 2015

Yijing divination on career prospect

Yijing divination on career prospect

Mark also revealed that his superior was also no longer employed in his ex company. A fengshui audit was carried out for Mark’s new office in december 2015 and interestingly arriving at site we were greeted with phenomena that resembles the elements in the window display.


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  1. Hi, what if your client asks you a question and u r always at the same place? How would u explain that? For example u r facing the walls of your own home. Does it mean u need to walk outside to answer question

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